TechnoSUM - Summer Training 2018

Summer Training

Summer Training Program 2018. Summer training programs provide great opportunity for technical students to utilize their summer vacation in the right way. … The summer training programs are designed to give you a very good practical learning experience and develop skills that will be very useful for your career within 5-6 Weeks.
TechnoSUM - Winter Training 2018

Winter Training

Winter training programs provide a great opportunity for you to utilize your winter vacation in the right way. These winter training programs are designed in such a way that it makes learning by building projects super easy for you. You will develop a great hands-on learning experience by building several projects as part of sessions.
TechnoSUM - College Workshops

College Workshop

Workshops are offered in English and Hindi and customized for your group’s needs. We specialize in multi-year programs for schools and community-based organizations. We also help schools/colleges integrate the workshops into the regular school/college day. Workshops are categorized into some main areas: Robotics, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Python, Big-Data, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Android Development etc.
Offering Free Seminar to All

College Seminar

A seminar may be defined as a gathering of people for the purpose of discussing a stated topic. Such gatherings are usually interactive sessions where the participants engage in discussions about the delineated topic. The sessions are usually headed or led by one or two presenters who serve to steer the discussion along with. Feel free to call to conduct free seminars at your college/institutions.